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Posted by Chris Hooper on 25.04.14 in Testimonials


We love helping new clients!

Earlier this week we received a fantastic testimonial from Darryn De La Soul, MD of London based sound engineering agency Soulsound Limited. In fact Darryn is so happy with the work we’ve done we are now looking after the other two businesses that comprise the Soulsound group.


“After some very disappointing, and downright incorrect, advice from my old accountant, I was looking for someone who would take a genuine interest in my business, and I found this with Hooper Financial.  I was coming up to my year end, and just didn’t trust my previous accountant to give the accounts her full and careful attention.  I asked Chris if he could help, and immediately felt more comfortable because he was asking questions no-one had asked me before, and seemed to be much more aware of compliance and regulations.

He also introduced me to Xero, which whilst scary at first (it is an accounts package after all), has proved to be very easy to adapt to, and eradicates the margin for error that was so high on my previous spreadsheet-based system.  Xero mitigates my personal incompetence with figures and makes me confident that I am doing things right.  It also produces really useful reports, giving me an instant overview of my business at any time.  In addition, reducing the time my accountant now spends on data input and checking means that he can now spend that time supporting my business in other ways, specifically with advice and conversations that I have always wanted to have with my accountant but which were never encouraged.

I highly recommend the services of Hooper Financial.  I am confident that my affairs are in order, and it is a wonderful change to have an accountant who not only cares about my finances, but is also genuinely interested in seeing my business succeed.”

(Darryn De La Soul, Director of Soulsound Limited)

Thanks Darryn – always a pleasure to help!

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